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How do you listen to music? snd.wave can show you!

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snd.wave is displaying a user's Apple Music stats, including their hours played and top artists.

Your Music, Visualized.

snd.wave can display thousands of stats about any song, artist, album, or genre in your libary.

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Check out what snd.wave can do!

The snd.wave music player features a bluured background of the album artwork and full media controls.

Compatible with Your Music

snd.wave works with Apple Music®, iTunes® content, and any music synced to your iPhone® via itunes®.

Dark Mode

App wide dark mode and a dark app icon, these options can be enabled in the settings page of snd.wave.

Music Player + Stats

snd.wave features a full music player that shows stats for the now playing song.

Charts and Graphs

snd.wave creates charts to visualize your music stats. This includes both bar and line charts.

Your Music Widget

Your Music Quick View is a widget included with snd.wave, control the now playing music and view stats right from your lock screen.

Monthly and Yearly Stats

After installing snd.wave, every month and year you will be able to see your stats for that month or year.

Stat Backup

Back up your music stats to iCloud® for safe keeping.


snd.wave can detect songs no longer played and recomend that you delete them. Leaving you with more space for more awesome music.

snd.wave can also generate charts for displaying all kinds of statistics about your music history.

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